What’s most important for career success? 

  • Obtaining the most appropriate qualifications 
  • Embarking on the right career path 
  • Entering the best possible company 
  • Locating the most suitable work environment 
  • Changing stream at just the right time. 

All of these are crucial to ones career success. But are making the right choices merely a matter of chance? How is one able to determine what industry or company would be most appropriate as the beginning or continuation of a career path? 

Pacifica Consultants takes the guess work out of all of these challenges by providing high level candidates for corporate positions with the following services:

  1. Professionalism: The consultants at Pacifica Consultants are carefully trained in all aspects of human resource development and have professional experience working in the industries they have been assigned to. 
  2. AccessPacifica Consultants has unique access to the key decision-makers at its client firms. Candidates can rest assured that the most appropriate and influential people within the client firm will carefully review their resumes and their personal Pacifica Candidate Analysis
  3. ConfidentialityPacifica Consultants is entirely confidential in its approach. Resumes are carefully analyzed, potential candidates are counseled, and permission is obtained before any resumes are introduced to client companies.
  4. Information: With its patented Information Centralsystem, Pacifica Consultants receives job market information and disseminates it as appropriate more quickly than any other consulting company. 
  5. Free Counseling: Candidates receive personalized, patient, professional career and industry counseling before being introduced to Pacific Consultants’ client firms. This service is entirely free of charge. 
  6. Initiative: Most consulting firms wait until they are provided with specifications for open positions within client firms and remain passive in their approach. In direct contrast, Pacifica Consultants is pro-active in introducing promising candidate resumes to client firms. On the basis of these pro-active candidate introductions sometimes new positions, and even sections, are created within the company in order to accommodate high quality candidates, as they become available. 
  7. Coaching: As a company, Pacifica Consultantsreally takes the interests of candidates to heart. Our idea of success is introducing a high level candidate to a client firm and having him or her flourish in the new position for a long period of time. Successfully passing interviews requires solid preparation and coaching. Candidates who are introduced by Pacifica Consultants are coached every step of the way. 
  8. AccountabilityPacifica Consultants takes full responsibility for providing candidates with all necessary counseling, background information on client firms, arranging of interviews, negotiations that lead to placements and after placement services

We very much hope that you will join the professional network of Pacifica Consultants. Your success is our success! Please register with us today for more information.