Pacifica Consultants is a business and management consulting firm that takes a unique and specialized approach to human resources consulting. Pacifica offers its clients leading edge consulting services by industry-experienced professionals that are second to none. Client relations are maintained on a strictly confidential basis.

Candidates for executive and other key positions are carefully screened and briefed by Pacifica Consultants’knowledgeable, confidential, and industry-experienced career counselors. As we move toward the 21st century, human resources, in terms of quality of personnel, effective management, proper training and open and effective communication, is one of the most critical factors related to corporate competitiveness.

For ClientsPacifica Consultants offers the following benefits:

  1. Professionalism: Each consultant at Pacifica Consultants has solid industry-specific experience and truly understands the human resource needs of our client firms. 
  2. AccessPacifica Consultants has a world-wide network of affiliated firms centrally located in the key business centers of Japan, South Korea, China, South-east Asia, the US, Canada and Europe. Clients have access to the best personnel worldwide through this excellent network. 
  3. Confidentiality: Confidentiality is essential in order to successfully identify, contact and recruit top quality people to fill key positions. Pacifica Consultants prides itself on always protecting the client’s confidentiality.
  4. Identification and Qualification: Through its tight relationships with client firms and organizations, Pacifica Consultants is able to identify and qualify candidates for positions so that only the most suitable are introduced. 
  5. Full SupportPacifica Consultants supports its clients firms throughout the entire executive search and recruiting process. This includes ensuring that interview appointments are kept, immediate follow up on both sides following interviews, and assistance with negotiations as required throughout.
  6. Interview PreparationPacifica Consultants’ client firms are fully prepared for conducting candidate interviews by having the necessary and relevant background information at their fingertips. This makes for greater efficiency in the recruiting process. 
  7. CompletionPacifica Consultants works with clients right through the entire process, from strategic planning to the successful hiring of qualified candidates. As little as possible is left to chance. 
  8. After ServicePacifica Consultants stands 100% behind its work and is available to renegotiate and mediate difficult situations, if they arise. If candidates do not remain with the firm within specified periods of time, they will be replaced at no further charge.

We hope that you will join the Pacifica Consultants network to gain the competitive edge in both Japan and the Asia Pacific region. Please contact us for more information today.