Business development

Pacifica Consultants is a business and management consulting firm that actively identifies new business opportunities for client firms. Success awaits firms that are flexible enough to grasp the best opportunities when they arise, nimble enough to quickly take advantage of them, and committed enough to deploy adequate resources. The maximization of these business opportunities leads directly to increases in profitability. 

Pacifica Consultants provides extensive consulting services in the following areas of business development:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): historic opportunities for strategic acquisitions in a variety of business sectors exist in Japan, Asia, and other key business regions in the world. Yet successful M&A activity requires specific industry knowledge, accurate research on prospective target firms, experienced and accurate valuation, reliable legal and accounting expertise, and interpersonal skills to smooth the entire process. Pacifica Consultants brings the best of all of these services to client firms and gets desired results quickly.
  • Alliances and Partnerships: successful growth often requires strategic alliances and partnerships. For these to work, the prospective partners must be compatible. Proper alliances and partnerships require a great deal of background research, extensive industry knowledge, and a refined sense of what constitutes the best possible match. Through its industry-experienced consultants and wide network of affiliated firms, Pacifica Consultants is able to identify and introduce the partners that make the competitive difference.
  • New Business Development: In today’s markets, tremendous business opportunities exist in new areas that take advantage of existing strength. The best current example is the Big Bang in Japan. Pacifica Consultants’client firms are moving into asset management, the expansion of exotic derivative productsfront office trading systems & software, and even retail brokerage for the first time. All of this is taking full advantage of the historic opportunities that deregulation in the financial markets has brought. 
  • Developing New Markets: It has been commonly assumed that only the major urban centers constitute real markets. In fact, depending on the product, regional markets can prove to be far more open and profitable. Pacifica Consultants has engaged in strategic work for government ministries and agencies, as well as Western firms and governments in local areas in Japan and selected countries in Asia. Through this experience Pacifica Consultants is able to quickly evaluate the probable success of new products and services in various regions.
  • Anticipating/Creating Trends: many business and economic trends in Japan and other Asian markets follow similar trends that originated in North America or Europe, albeit with different levels of modification. As a result, a number of important product and service trends can be anticipated and created. The firms that are quickest to grasp this concept and invest properly are the main beneficiaries. Pacifica Consultants advises its clients on trends and how best to anticipate, create, and take full advantage of them.

Pacifica Consultants has discovered that a proper understanding of the core business of our client firms allow it to make objective appraisals of new business areas, plans, and methods to determine what will really work. Pacifica Consultants can also be fully involved in the successful implementation of these new business concepts.

If you are planning to develop new areas of business and are trying to decide on the best possible partner for your future success, choose wisely. Select Pacifica Consultants. Please contact us today for more information.