Effective marketing


Pacifica Consultants is a business and management-consulting firm that provides specialized marketing services to its clients. It is commonly thought that marketing in Japan, and other markets in Asia, is very expensive. In fact, cost-effective marketing can be achieved by utilizing high-impact, low-cost approaches. Pacifica Consultants specializes in developing and implementing inexpensive, maximum exposure marketing plans that take full advantage of the following areas:

  • Excellent Media Relations: Years of experience in media related work in Japan and throughout Asia, means that Pacifica Consultants’ media savvy consultants have developed networks second to none. In order to gain maximum media exposure, there is no substitute for understanding how media operates, what constitutes a story, and how to ensure that stories actually appear on the air, on radio waves, on line, and in print. Pacifica Consultants’ clients are beneficiaries of having their products and services gain maximum exposure at low cost.
  • Strong Government Connections: foreign government offices in Japan and other nations in Asia, especially Embassies and Consulates, can be extremely helpful in lending credibility to efforts to introduce new products and services in difficult markets. Through its extensive experience in working with clients from a number of countries, Pacifica Consultants has developed strong relations with a number of governments and is able to obtain cooperation on an ongoing basis.
  • High Exposure Advertising and Public Relations: Pacifica Consultants specializes in finding the most inexpensive, high exposure methods of advertising and public relations. Selecting the right Ad agency or PR firm for each client project is critical to success.
  • Leverage: It is possible to leverage promotional efforts by linking products and services with those of a partner or other affiliated firms. Pacifica Consultants does this as a matter of course for a number of clients.
  • Sponsorship and Event Support: Putting the right amount of funding into sponsorship activities and Event Sponsorship can result in high impact results. Pacifica Consultants is directly involved in a number of sporting and cultural events as is able to get client firms involved in low-cost, high-impact situations.

If you are planning to implement new marketing programs in Japan or other Asian markets and are trying to decide on the best possible partner for your firm’s success, choose wisely. Select Pacifica Consultants. Please contact us today for more information.