Human resource consulting

Pacifica Consultants takes a unique and specialized approach to all aspects of human resources consulting. This wide range of services includes strategic development, executive search, recruiting, and training. The world-class level of HR service common to New York and London can finally now be found in Tokyo, and it covers all of Asia’s key markets.

In the case of candidate searches, our valued clients have very important HR needs that must be filled promptly. Time is money, and long, unproductive searches can cost firms considerably in terms of both time and money. Candidate searches, especially in our two strongest sectors Financial Services and Hi-Tech, begin immediately every time. Initial searches conducted from within our specialized in-house data system are able to match suitable candidates to key client firm positions as quickly as the same day in many cases. 

Our registered and qualified candidates are provided with full preparation including: interview tips, tailor-made coaching, and the continued support of Pacifica Consultants’ leading-edge consultants. Our industry-experienced professionals are second to none. Successful placements in today’s highly- specialized hi-tech and financial services positions require quality expert advice throughout the entire search process. 

Pacifica Consultants has discovered several keys to successfully filling clients’ HR needs. Our consultants recognize that the unique requirements specific to every position are important and need to be fully understood in order for clients to locate the most qualified candidate. Pacifica Consultants believes that the following three steps are essential, in guaranteeing a successful interview process:

  • Excellent Screening of potential candidates helps to qualify them and to determine whether they are really appropriate for key positions. The Pacifica Consultantsscreening process ensures that only the most qualified candidates are actually interviewed and saves valuable time for both clients and candidates. 
  • Total Interview Preparation for both candidates and employers during every step of the interview process. By making sure that any potential misunderstandings are minimized, a higher interview success rate is ensured. Providing precise background information to both parties, effectively coordinating meetings, and overall attention to detail accomplishes this. 
  • Prompt Interview Feedback for both candidates and clients makes for a win/win situation. Pacifica Consultants follows up quickly and thoroughly with both parties to gain the valuable feedback that leads to future rounds of successful interviews.

If you are considering making a change in your approach to HR and are trying to decide on the best possible partner to ensure your firm’s future success, choose wisely, select Pacifica Consultants. Please contact us for more information today.