Management consulting

Pacifica Consultants takes a focused and strategic approach to all aspects of management issues. This wide range of services includes strategic business development, objective evaluation of existing operations, and the insertion of new executives and key personnel. Pacifica Consultants’ world-class management consulting service is based in Tokyo and covers all of Asia’s key markets.

Pacifica Consultants works for client firms in both start-up and existing operations in Japan and Asia. The usual start-up issues included: the initial size and scale of operation, where it should be located, whether the head should be Japanese or non-Japanese (in the case of Japan) and to what extent local partnerships should be developed. For troubled or under performing existing operations, a number of separate issues arise. 

Pacifica Consultants provides professional consulting services to deal with these issues:

  • The operation is not profitable: it is necessary to determine whether this is due to market downturns or whether the operation is not being run competently. If competence or lack thereof, is the key issue, changes need to be made quickly.
  • The operation has become dysfunctional: foreign capital firms sometimes run into the unenviable situation where severe internal communication problems have arisen. This is usually due to a lack of proper leadership at higher levels and, in extreme cases, personnel changes must be made.
  • The operation has become too independent: this situation is usually due to a breakdown in trust and communication between the head and local offices. It needs to be analyzed professionally to determine where the fault lies and what changes can be implemented.
  • The market is changing but we are being left behind: often, when rapid market changes occur, employees refuse to recognize them and want to maintain business as usual. Effective communication and training helps them to understand the more competitive market they are facing and how to find new approaches, products and solutions.
  • There is a Lack of Motivation in our organization:employees need to be properly motivated in terms of compensation, personal growth and having pride in the organization. Some organizations are slow to implement incentive-based compensation systems; others do not allow employees the necessary freedom to grow, while others are not communicating internally in order to foster corporate pride and a sense of belonging.

If your firm is encountering any of these or similar corporate difficulties contact the Management Consulting Solution Providers: Pacifica Consultants. Please contact us for more information today.