New Asian internet consulting team

Pacifica Consultants has expanded its range of services to include a new Internet team that specializes in web site creation, industry-specific translation and localization. Our strategic approach incorporates all aspects of online market entry into Japan and the Asia Pacific region. Internet use in the US has exploded in recent years and the number of Internet savvy-users has increased dramatically. Internet access is now spreading widely and rapidly in Japan and other nations in the Asia/Pacific, and is creating a series of unique, lucrative E-commerce market opportunities. 

Pacifica Consultants has discovered several keys to successfully filling Internet market entry needs. Our consultants recognize that the unique requirements specific to each client are important and need to be fully understood. This allows our clients to successfully make the most strategic market-entry moves into the Asia/Pacific region. Pacifica Consultants believes that incorporating the following steps is essential in order to guarantee successful Internet market entry:

  • Industry-Specific Translation Advantage: our knowledgeable and industry-experienced personnel cover all current and specialized terms. For the financial industry, for example, new DerivativeSecuritizationCredit, or Future Products are clearly understood and quickly and accurately translated into the core Asian languages. This creates a winning formula for timely and precise market penetration by maximizing client online concerns. Pacifica Consultants follows up quickly and thoroughly online to meet deadlines to create and update client sites and pages.
  • Superior Web Site Creation: our leading designers create web sites that stand out among the crowd and appeal both visually and content-wise to Asia/Pacific site visitors.
  • Internet User Research for global clients helps to qualify Asian markets and to determine whether the user level and market timing are really appropriate for specific services. 
  • Leading Language Coverage: Pacifica Consultantsensures that all leading Asian languages are translated to a world-class standard. Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, and Thai are the first wave of language specialty. Top performance by localization experts allows clients to save considerably in terms of valuable time and money. 
  • Search Engine Maximization: online clients interested in starting up operations in Asia can increase their presence and hit ratio by successfully utilizing the key search engines. Unlike English or other European-based languages, Asian scripts need specialized input to allow local search engines to maximize the number of hits. Building consistent hit volume more quickly can help online clients reach their cyber goals faster and to clear profitability hurdles sooner. 

Our Valued Clients are provided with a full range of ongoing services that include:

  • performance analysis; 
  • industry-specific market research; 
  • execution support; 
  • international and regional economic assessments; and 
  • continued and ongoing support from Pacifica Consultants’ leading-edge consultants from key industries. 

The depth and breadth of our industry-related experience in both Japan and Asia is unequalled. Successful market entry requires quality expert advice throughout the entire process. 

If you are considering making a change in your approach to strategic market entry and E-commerce solutions and are trying to decide on the best possible partner to ensure your firm’s Internet Success in Asia, choose wisely: Select Pacifica Consultants. Please contact us for more information today.