Strategic market entry

Pacifica Consultants takes a knowledgeable and strategic approach to all aspects of market entry. This wide range of services includes initial market research, analysis of regulatory issues, liaison with relevant government bodies, operational set up, personnel recruitment, representation, and introductions to appropriate legal and accounting services. 

Pacifica Consultants’ world-class consulting services are available at a fraction of the cost of larger firms that often have substantial overheads and less incentive to move as quickly, intelligently, and efficiently. Although Pacifica Consultants is based in Tokyo, it is able to cover all of Asia’s key markets through its excellent network of affiliated firms. Pacifica Consultants also supports Japanese client firms in a wide variety of international and domestic projects.

Our international client firms are provided with expert advice and action that can only be provided by leading edge, experienced industry professionals. Pacifica Consultants’ primary focuses are Financial Services and High-Technology but our client list also includes leading firms or organizations from the following additional sectors:

  • Automobiles (including auto parts); 
  • Telecommunications; 
  • Environmental; 
  • Governmental; 
  • Chemicals; 
  • Housing; 
  • Sports; 
  • Retail

The collective industry experience found in Pacifica Consultants and its international network is unparalleled. Successful market entry requires strategic development, prompt, efficient execution and quality, and expert advice throughout the entire process. Pacifica Consultants provides all of this at a very reasonable cost.

Pacifica Consultants has discovered several keys to successful market entry. Our consultants fully recognize that each client has specific requirements that need to be fully understood in order to establish the teamwork that is essential for successful market entry into the challenging Japanese and Asian markets. Pacifica Consultants believes the following three key services are essential for our clients to successfully enter challenging markets:

  • Specific Market Entry Research helps to determine whether particular markets are appropriate or ready for client firms’ products and services. Pacifica Consultants’ prompt, professional and reliable market research ensures that only products and services with a high probability of success are recommended for market entry. This critical analysis saves our client firms valuable time and resources and enables them to determine the appropriate course of action in the initial stages.
  • Full Set Up Support allows Pacifica Consultants’ clients to rest assured that recommendations for operational set ups will be aimed at maximizing impact and minimizing cost. Pacifica Consultants assists clients every step of the way, including finding the most suitable and cost effective office location, jointly establishing the key positions within the organization, and recruiting the most able and qualified professionals to fill them. 
  • Locating the Right Partners, Distribution Channels, and Customers is critical for success in a new, unfamiliar market. Pacifica Consultants’ excellent network allows clients to find the right partners, channels and customers very quickly. Partnerships are like marriages and entering into them requires full and deep consideration. Without proper advice this process can drag on. Pacifica Consultants take the guesswork out of the equation and enables clients to create partnerships and channels that greatly accelerate the time-effective market entry process. 

If you or your firm are contemplating market entry into Japan or other markets in Asia, choose your consulting partner wisely. In order to ensure your firm’s future success in Japan, and Asia, select Pacifica Consultants. Please contact us for more information today.