Customized training


Pacifica Consultants is a business and management-consulting firm that believes in fully identifying corporate needs when working with client firms in human resources support services. All clients are given full support in identifying critical areas in which employee training is required. This is done with strict confidentiality. Multi-national firms today need help in developing core competency for key employees. This is best done with the advice of a leading-edge consulting organization. Our industry-experienced professionals understand this goal clearly. In today’s highly specialized hi-tech and financial services industries, employees must at least have the following core competencies:

  • Strong, near-native bi-lingual and even multi-lingual skills;
  • Multi-cultural skills and the ability to seamlessly transverse cultures and borders; 
  • Detailed knowledge of key sectoral technological and product innovations globally, regionally, and domestically. 
  • Excellent PC skills, in order to work independently and efficiently.

Pacifica Consultants has discovered that proper attention to corporate training is critical to the success of our client firms. The goals of our clients are important and need to be fully understood but also have to be adjusted to successfully adapt to local conditions. Proper corporate training and the successful development of core competencies are competitiveness issues. Pacifica Consultants delivers customized, in-house training for the following groups within client firms: 

  • Expatriate Executives are in need of not only language skills but also an understanding of non-verbal communication in different cultures. Developing an awareness of local business practices, knowing how to effectively deal with internal challenges and dispute resolution, building tight, long term client relations, and honing negotiation skills are all accomplished through focused training with Pacifica Consultants’ expert trainers. 
  • Local Executives need superior English language and communication abilities. In addition, presentation skills, the ability to handle organizational growth, a deep understanding of Western and Asian business practices, and the ability to adapt and implement the business plans developed at head office are all essential core competencies that Pacifica Consultants works to develop for client firms
  • Middle Managers require excellent English language and communication skills, a familiarity with Western and Asian business practices, the ability to work effectively with head office and incoming colleagues, solid reporting skills, and the ability to manage and motivate.
  • Sales people and Marketers, who are often the face of the company, need superior communication and presentation skills in order to effectively interface with clients and customers. Pacifica Consultants’ training programs focus on these areas as well as Hybrid Sales Techniquesthat really work.
  • Executive Assistants and Secretaries find their roles changing. Going into the 21st century, more than ever, precision in interpreting and translation is critical. Quick and effective information gathering, including through the Internet, and critical analysis skills are now essential. Background industry knowledge and the essentials of finance and accounting are other key areas that are including in Pacifica Consultants unique training programs 

Team Building in the form of weekend motivational programs, leadership training, problem solving workshops, crisis management reaction exercises, and creativity workshops all serve to strengthen internal corporate communication both in local operations and with the home office.

If you are planning to implement new corporate training programs, and are trying to decide on the best possible partner for your firm’s future success, choose your partner wisely. Select Pacifica Consultants. Please contact us today for more information.