Global communication

Pacifica Consultants is a business and management consulting firm that places a great deal of emphasis on precise language skills, effective non-verbal communication, understanding new concepts, cross-cultural sensitivity, and utilizing new communication technologies. Mastering all of these core competencies is essential for learning to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients throughout the world. The need for effective global communication is more important than ever and can be largely attributed to the following trends: 

  • The remarkable increase in the number of global corporate mergers and acquisitions. This has led to acute needs for multi-lingual, multi-cultural employees, who have other specialized skills, in the major business centers of the world;
  • The noticeable rise in the number of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises that are active in global business and who now go directly to find potential clients and customers, in order to eliminate unnecessary middle organizations and maximize profits;
  • The increased use of the Internet to locate detailed business-related information. To locate important information quickly is important. To truly understand this information, effectively analyze it, and clearly disseminate it is critical to a firm’s success;
  • The advent of E-mail as a primary method of business communication. E-mail means that the business world now communicates quickly and inexpensively in real time;
  • The realization that effective global communication is a real competitiveness issue.

Pacifica Consultants has discovered that many firms are struggling in their efforts to develop employees who can be identified as truly effective global communicators. This situation can be improved with proper, focused corporate training. The successful development of core competencies in global communication has a major bearing on the success of international organizations. Pacifica Consultants delivers both regularly scheduled and customized, in-house Global Communication training that covers the following areas: 

  • Language Precision: in today’s complex business world, precision in terms of business and technological concepts, specialized vocabulary, and effective means of expression is essential. Pacifica Consultants has developed unique training programs that both prepare new employees for working in international environments and upgrade the skills of existing employees.
  • Non-Verbal Communication: looking a client straight in the eye, or avoiding eye contact; shaking hands firmly or bowing at the correct angle; establishing a “power presence” or quietly sitting back. What are the appropriate approaches? Pacifica Consultants has the answers and provides training that includes practical and role playing situations that enable employees to make the appropriate adjustments in approach. 
  • Understanding New Concepts: effective and precise communication is difficult unless one truly understands the underlying concepts behind phrases and terminology. In today’s competitive business world, one cannot assume, one must know. Pacifica Consultants provides training programs designed to ensure that the employees of client firms really understand the critical industry-specific concepts that they must deal with on a day-to-day basis. 
  • Using the Internet: The Internet contains a wealth of information but do employees understand what they are accessing, how to best analyze it, and in what format it should be effectively diffused within the organization?Pacifica Consultants provides Internet-specific training so that the employees of client firms develop these skills and greatly improve their efficiency.
  • E-mail etiquette: E-mail has become an essential tool for business communication but how structured should communication be? What must be clearly stated and what can be left unsaid? Pacifica Consultants provides leading-edge training for clients to ensure that employees are communicating effectively internally and with clients and business partners.
  • Respecting Diversity: every major organization in the world today has personnel with cultural, racial, religious, and linguistic differences. In order to be successful, within one’s own organization and with client firms, one must learn to embrace cultural diversity. Pacifica Consultants’ and trainers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are experts at working between cultures.

If effective global communication is, or might become, a problem in your organization, you should consider implementing Pacifica Consultants’ customized corporate training programs, or sending your employees to our regularly scheduled programs. Please contact Pacifica Consultantstoday for more information.